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Design Your Team

Upgrade Your Career

At Blueprint Hires, we specialize in staffing for the architecture, engineering, and forensics industry. At our core, we embrace a personalized approach that connects top organizations with exceptional talent. Whether we are sourcing the ideal candidate for a firm or seeking out the perfect firm for a candidate, our focus remains on forging valuable connections.


Growth/Succession Plans

We’ll start by helping you put a plan together. For candidates, that includes helping you understand the best job fit for you. For our clients, that means helping you understand the staff needed to get you where you want to go.

Talent Acquisition

Using creative strategies and the recruiting world’s most up-to-date tools, we work diligently to locate hard-to-find talent for your team. We conduct screening calls and personalized introductions to ensure that only the most qualified and compatible individuals are presented to your team.

Candidate Selection

Not every position is the same, and each personality will thrive in different environments. Through the use of an EEOC-compliant benchmarking and gap reporting process we can find you the right profile types that will fully engage in their role and thrive in your context.



Recruiting in architecture involves finding talented individuals for design and building roles. We seek candidates with architecture or engineering backgrounds and relevant software experience. Roles may include architects, engineers, project managers, CAD designers, or specialists in commercial/residential buildings or sustainable design.


Recruiting for forensic positions in engineering and architecture involves finding talented individuals skilled in investigating structural failures, building defects, and damage. We focus on candidates with an educational background in engineering or architecture to ensure a comprehensive understanding of building design, construction, and materials. Practical experience in forensic investigation techniques and familiarity with building codes and regulations are important.


To recruit for the engineering industry, we look for candidates with technical skills and qualifications in math, science, and engineering. They should also be up-to-date on industry technologies and have a clear understanding of company-specific needs. We focus on finding individuals for positions such as structural and mechanical engineers, project managers, or other specialized roles. 


We offer firms the chance to leverage research-based assessment tools and methodologies with TTI Success Insights®. These resources are designed to support the growth of individuals, businesses, and organizations, empowering them to enhance both personal and professional development.