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At Blueprint Hires, we offer firms the chance to leverage research-based assessment tools and methodologies with TTI Success Insights®. These resources are designed to support the growth of individuals, businesses, and organizations, empowering them to enhance both personal and professional development.


"GIF of TTI Insights DISC assessment results, offering valuable insights into dominant, influential, steady, and compliant behavioral patterns."

The DISC model is a comprehensive framework that encompasses four distinct factors: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance.

In essence, the DISC assessment evaluates how individuals approach their actions and behaviors, providing a framework to describe observable conduct.

To gain a complete understanding of DISC, it is crucial to recognize the interplay between its four components, which collectively shape an individual’s behavior. While most people exhibit one or two dominant characteristics, it is the combination of all four components that ultimately defines a person’s behavioral profile. The integration of these four components results in a distinctive “behavioral makeup” that is unique to each individual.

12 Driving Forces®

"TTI Insights 12 Driving Forces assessment logo, representing a powerful tool for understanding individual motivations and values."

The 12 Driving Forces assessment is designed to evaluate the underlying motivations behind a person’s actions. It examines six different motivators to determine the strength and driving factors behind their behaviors.

These motivators include:

  • Knowledge
  • Utility
  • Surroundings
  • Others
  • Power
  • Methodologies

Each of these six motivators is further divided into two distinct sides, enabling the measurement of both aspects. By assessing these 12 drivers along a continuum, a person’s cluster of Driving Forces can be determined.

Emotional Quotient™

"TTI Insights Emotional Quotient assessment logo, symbolizing a valuable tool for measuring emotional intelligence."

Emotional intelligence refers to the capacity to perceive, comprehend, and skillfully employ the influence of emotions in order to enhance collaboration and productivity.

Although the notion has been integral to human behavior throughout history, the term “emotional intelligence” gained prominence through Daniel Goleman’s work in the mid-1990s.

EQ, short for Emotional Quotient, serves as a metric to assess our emotional intelligence, gauging our ability to effectively handle our emotions and their impact on our interactions with others.

Acumen Capacity Index (ACI)

The Acumen Capacity Index (ACI) report evaluates an individual’s cognitive processes and thinking abilities. This report is rooted in the field of axiology, which is a scientific discipline.

In the early 2000s, TTI SI introduced the initial version of the ACI assessment and report. After establishing a few early partnerships throughout the decade, TTI SI launched the TTI SI Acumen Capacity Index in 2010. This assessment was developed based on The Hartman Value Profile (HVP) Manual of Interpretation.

“Axiology provides us with the means to identify and fulfill the inherent goodness within each individual, thereby enhancing the quality of our lives.”

To put it differently, the underlying axiology of the ACI enables us to recognize and actualize the positive qualities within ourselves, leading to a more fulfilling life. This concept is beautifully captured in the words of “Freedom to Live: The Robert Hartman Story.”


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